Walk-in Lab Testing

Walk-in Lab Testing Services in Charles, IL

Physicians Express offers walk-in lab testing 7 days a week with immediate results located at 2000 W. Main ST. Suite M ST. Charles, IL 60174Call us today or request an online appointment.

Walk-in Lab Testing Services in Charles, IL
Walk-in Lab Testing Services in Charles, IL

If there is something awry with how your body is functioning and causing you anxiety or uncertainty, a lab test could give you some answers! There is a myriad of different lab tests available to figure out what the issue might be. At Physicians Express, we are delighted to offer you the services of our comprehensive diagnostic laboratory!

What are laboratory tests?

Laboratory tests take a sample of your blood, urine, or other bodily tissues so that a doctor or lab technician can analyze the test samples for any abnormalities or make sure that the results of the test are within the normal range. What is typical for each lab test result varies according to several different factors, such as one’s sex, age, race, eating habits, lifestyle, and medication. As such, doctors and lab specialists rely on a range to detect any irregularities with tests. Lab tests can be conducted by drawing a vial of blood from the patient’s arm, taking a urine or feces sample in a cup, taking swabs from the throat or nose, and more.

How do you get a blood test?

If you require blood work, the first thing to do is schedule an appointment with a physician who can request the specific tests to be done by the laboratory technicians. Your physician will provide you with a prescription sheet to give to the lab technician. If you choose Physicians Express to get your blood work done, no prior appointment is necessary! All you need to do is bring the requisition sheet from the physician and give it to the lab technician when they are ready to see you. They will kindly ask you to remove any jackets or long-sleeve clothing and direct you to sit in a clinical chair. The blood work will be quick, with slight discomfort that lasts only a couple of seconds. They will need to take a vial of blood for each test conducted. After all of the necessary blood is received, you will be free to go. Usually, you will only be contacted about the results if they fall outside of the normal range unless you specify otherwise. It can anywhere from a few hours or days to a couple of weeks to get accurate results back from blood tests. However, at Physicians Express, we pride ourselves on providing immediate results for lab tests!

What infections show up in blood tests?

The types of infections that show up in blood tests are systemic infections. They are called systemic infections because they travel through the bloodstream and affect the whole body, causing an immune response that is known as sepsis. The best blood test to check for sepsis is the blood culture test, which detects and identifies bacteria or fungi in the blood that are responsible for causing the systemic infection. Besides systemic infections, other blood tests can indicate an infection by detecting the presence of specific antibodies that the immune system generates to neutralize the virus or infection.

We welcome you to come to Physicians Express for any blood work that you need to get done! If you need a physician’s referral, we can provide that as well! Please call us at (630) 584-9242 if you have any further questions. No appointment is necessary. Walk-in, and we will promptly serve you! Physicians Express is located at 2000 Main St. W., Suite M, in Charles, Illinois. You can reach us during the hours of 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.