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Lab Testing Services at Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinic in St. Charles, IL

Physicians Express Urgent Care Offers Lab Testing Services 7 Days a Week. Visit Us at 2000 W. Main ST. Suite M ST. Charles, IL 60174

Lab Testing Services in St. Charles, IL

Physicians Express offers a wide range of lab test services with many that can be done on-site with immediate results. This helps us give you a fast and accurate diagnosis for the best treatment plan.

Here at Physicians Express, if your physician believes you need lab testing, we will not send you to an outside laboratory for collection. We will collect your specimen on-site and follow up with you when the results are available. We strive to provide you with the best medical care available in a timely manner.

Here are a few examples of tests that we can perform:

  • Rapid Strep Test
  • Rapid Mono Test
  • Rapid Glucose(Sugar)
  • Rapid Hemoglobin
  • Rapid Flu Test
  • Rapid RSV Test
  • Rapid HIV Test
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Urine Analysis
  • Rapid Pregnancy Test
  • Rapid Urine Drug Screen
  • Other Labs: eg: CBC, Metabolic panel, Lipid, Hemoglobin A1C, PSA, Testosterone, Vitamin D, Vitamin B…


2000 W. Main St. Suite M
St. Charles, IL 60174